Band Class

The rules adopted by society often made little sense to me. One afternoon, as I walked past the football field, I paused to watch the band practice. I was alarmed that the director's tone took on such harshness. i shook my head and continued to stare. Did all those students know this guy was going to yell at them? Surely, no one would want to sign up for a class just to get yelled at every day by the same teacher. I generally knew what to expect in my classes, but perhaps these students didn't, for some reason. I again shook my head and continued walking.

I would have to discuss this with Nancy, an algebra classmate friend of mine. She had mentioned about being in the band. She was such a good kid, and surely did not deserve such harsh treatment.

The next day, I went to algebra class as usual. "Nancy, I saw you in practice. I'm sorry your teacher yells so much."

"Yes, and we all deserved it, especially me."

I gasped for a breath, not quite believing what I had just heard. "Uh, why do you say that?" I asked, my mouth still wide open.

She shrugged. "Oh, you must not have noticed. I was holding my trombone a little too low," she said in a most casual tone.

I choked. "You mean you expect him to holler at you?"

She smiled. "Oh, yes. He is such a wonderful director. Don t you think so too?"

I looked at her with disbelief and shook my head as we took our seats. Her logic escaped me.

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