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I've had a bad day. I had forgotten and had left my bicycle outside last night, and it was stolen. Maybe it is my sense of innocence, but I would never even think of taking something that was not mine. It was a lousy sort of bike; someone had given it to me used once when I mentioned my doctor thought I should do some bicycling for my health. It was all rusty and squeaky, but lots of WD40 helped that. It had gotten to be a good friend, actually. I even began to love the feel of the wind caressing my face, as it did when I was much younger.

I know that I have recommended to a lot of parents of autistic children that they encourage their children to ride bikes not only because of all the data I've seen about physical activity increasing the rate of development of key neurons, but also because I feel it is the right thing to do. Only recently did I decide that bicycling was a vital activity for everyone, not just for kids. Thus, it got to be my friend.

As I sit here in front of my computer, sad that I have lost a friend. I am also listening to "Enchanted Isles" by harpist Carol Thompson. It is indeed a beautiful piece of music and almost makes up for everything gone wrong today. I can feel the soothing effects as I type. Indeed, I'm not surprised that so many people with multiple sclerosis find harp music just as soothing as I do. I like Georgia Kelly too, but sometimes it is difficult to find copies of her work.

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  • * "A Reason for Hope: Insights into Autism" by Daniel R. Hawthorne, copyrighted 2007. "Child of the Forest" by Daniel R. Hawthorne, copyrighted 2004.

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