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  Greetings, I'm Daniel Hawthorne, high functioning autistic, and author of Child of the Forest and A Reason for Hope: Insights into Autism, and contributing author to Autism 101. I hope you will take some time to look through my website. In the weeks to come, I intend to give it a fresh look and add quite a bit of new material, so if you would, please do check back from time to time.

Having had autism since birth, I tend to see autistic-related issues from a personal perspective. In searching for answers for myself, I have discovered what works and what does not work in intervention techniques, and would like to share them with you as well. Even from the start, at the time I made my self-discovery, I wanted to find ways to help others and I wanted my writing to be unconventional. While I have done countless hours of medical research involving controlled studies, I prefer to speak from personal experience and share what has personally helped me to function as highly as I do. In working with others, I have discovered that many of the same things that work so well for me have, when implemented, worked amazingly well in helping others live higher quality lives. With my own eyes, I've seen children who had constantly suffered sensory torture, now are happy, well-behaved, and functioning at a level much higher than previously, and the staff and family working with them happy as well. What affects one person in the autistic community, affects all. My hope, my dream, is that everyone will come to understand autism as I understand it.  

If you're interested in ordering my book "A Reason for Hope", or have any questions about autism, email me at . Thank you for visiting my page.

* "A Reason for Hope: Insights into Autism" by Daniel R. Hawthorne, copyrighted 2007. "Child of the Forest" by Daniel R. Hawthorne, copyrighted 2004.

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