~~ Jesus is Lord of my life ~~

Reasons for my Hope

1. When I first became baptized, I felt an indescribably clean feeling throughout my body. Someone else happened to be baptized right before or right after me that same night, and I recall my mother commenting on how wonderfully clean she felt as well. The apostle Peter refers to it as an "answer of a clean conscience." My soul and spirit felt healed, like every cell in my body was rejoicing. I have felt it again since, though to a lesser degree, at times when I prayed for forgiveness after periods of having wandered away from my Lord.

2. I've experienced God's goodness in my life. I've experienced amazement at the extent to which certain prayers of mine have been granted. Often the Lord prompts me to do things in His service, to go on various missions. I would then ask the Lord to bless me so that I would find favor with those the Lord would have me to interact with as a part of those missions. Often I would know little about the person to whom the Lord me to, only that they had an all-business sort of personality. Then as I met with them, I would find that even from the outset of the meeting, that I would not only find favor with them, but I would find a great of favor with them. They would be overjoyed to meet with me, as if I were a cherished long-time friend who they were once again meeting after several years of being apart.

3. I have found true joy in my heart in knowing that my
God is pleased with me, and in knowing that I have found
purpose and meaning in life.

4. I have found true peace permeating my heart, soul, and
spirit in knowing I am forgiven, that I am at peace with my
God and with myself.

5. I find comfort in knowing the Lord cares about me on a
very intimate and personal basis. I know that the rough
times I go through are actually training sessions. I know
that the Lord cares enough about me to allow my faith in
His promises to be confirmed through various trials and
spiritual warfare.

6. I know that there are dark entities, enemies of the
Lord, who would distract me from following the truth, but
the Lord will protect my spirit.

Other Devotionals