P o n d e r i n g s

... On the coming of Autumn.

This past week I realized how much I look forward to Autumn. No, it isn't just the falling leaves and colorful mountain valleys that make up some of my fondest memories of years gone by. It is that I know that Summer is over, and with it, all of the humid heat- related problems I suffer. It is also when the sun's glare is most intense. I know I sweat considerably more than most people, but that alone is only a mere inconvenience. It is during the summer humidity that my sensory and cognitive confusion gets the worst; it is when I suffer the most in inner torment. It is also when my seizures are worst, despite my medication.

I cannot very well stay indoors all the time. Believe me; I've tried. But somehow, life isn't made that way. No matter how clean I keep my apartment, or how much I shampoo the floor or wipe down the walls, the dust always seems to find me. And I suffer allergy problems despite decongestants and antihistamines.

Perhaps that is why I enjoy the night-time so much. But the fall is here, and with is cooler weather. Sometimes I wonder about my earlier wisdom of moving to Louisiana rather than somewhere a bit cooler and drier. On the other hand, I have made friends since I moved here, so it's not all regrets. I just have to be better prepared next Summer, especially for all those days when I walk outside into a day-long steam bath.

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  • * "A Reason for Hope: Insights into Autism" by Daniel R. Hawthorne, copyrighted 2007. "Child of the Forest" by Daniel R. Hawthorne, copyrighted 2004.

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