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... On sensory overload: the day after.

It looked like such a nice, quiet place to eat. As I walked up, I noticed that hardly any cars filled the parking lot. I was out of town for a speaking engagement when someone invited me to lunch at a particular restaurant. As I entered, the aroma of food filled my senses. Once I had ordered, I looked up and noticed the room quickly filling with talkative people. I quickly put some earplugs in, but to little avail. It wasn't that the volume of noise was that much; it was just that a lot of people were talking simultaneously, albeit softly. I felt the increasing pressure on my senses, and with it, pain. I knew then that I was in trouble.

Yes it affected my ability to function for the rest of the day. Even with my medication, I still remained somewhat confused, scatter- brained, and forgetful for the rest of the day.

The full effect, however, did not hit me until the next day. I awoke dazed and aching as I struggled to get around without tripping over my own feet. My entire nervous system felt bruised. My whole body hurt; my breathing labored. The only relief I could find came in the form of ibuprofen and warm, soothing baths. All I felt like doing all day was to simply lay in bed in a trance. I retired early, awaking the next day at least some better. Sometimes I think my favorite verse in the Bible is the one that reads, "And it came to pass." Knowing that gives me hope during times of such torture, and for that I am thankful.

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  • * "A Reason for Hope: Insights into Autism" by Daniel R. Hawthorne, copyrighted 2007. "Child of the Forest" by Daniel R. Hawthorne, copyrighted 2004.

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